Obelisks and topiaries

Stratford Birdcage Cotswold
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Use a garden obelisk as a stylish decorative plant support in the garden, or to maintain the shape of a shrub or creeper in a plant pot. Made of solid steel round bar and flat bar. Shotblasted, molten zinc sprayed, etch primed and finished with two coats of enamel paint.

  Code Height Diameter Bar size Price
Cotswold small 2610 1150mm 300mm 8mm R900.00
Cotswold medium 2611 1550mm 450mm 10mm R1050.00
Cotswold large 2612 2100mm 600mm 12mm R1400.00
Birdcage small 2604 1150mm 300mm 8mm R700.00
Birdcage medium 2605 1550mm 450mm 10mm R900.00
Birdcage large 2606 2100mm 600mm 12mm R1200.00
Stratford small 2625 1150mm 300mm 8mm R650.00
Stratford medium 2626 1550mm 450mm 10mm R800.00
Stratford large 2627 2100mm 600mm 12mm R1100.00

Garden topiary Topiary
400mm ball topiaries ready for the pot 900mm acorn topiary as plant support

Use a topiary for training and pruning plants and shrubs in the garden or in pots, or as an attractive plant support. Made from 6mm solid steel bar, and supplied with a galvanised finish.

  Code Width Height Price (incl VAT)
Round topiary 7701 450mm 400mm R550.00
Acorn topiary 7704 450mm 900mm R650.00

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