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Trellis used to raise wall, frame fountain and support creeper

Trellis for plant wind protection
Creeper trained on trellis to provide wind protection for susceptible plants

Steel garden furniture 01
Steel garden furniture 02
Garden furniture, refurbished after 30 years of service.

Fountain Bird Baths

A fountain bird bath is a great way for both you and your backyard birds have more fun out in your yard. Not only will this also add a wonderful ambience to your garden, along with the soothing sounds of trickling water, but it will also attract a huge variety of different species of wild birds.

In fact, birds cannot resist the trickling water that can be found in these types of bird baths. And there is nothing more fascinating on a hot summer day than watching birds frolic under the water of your bird bath while they enjoy a refreshing bath.

There are a few things you want to look out for when buying a fountain bird bath. First of all, you might want to opt for a solar powered one so that you don't have to worry about where to plug in. However, if you do get one that needs electricity you want to be sure that you have a source close by.

Another thing to consider is the depth of the birdbath bowl. Do not get one that's too deep because birds prefer a shallow bowl and will actually avoid one that is deeper than 75mm. That being said, if you do find one that you fall in love with and it is deeper than that , you can always fill it up with little stones or pebbles to make it shallower.

The other thing is that you want the surface of the birdbath to be a little bit gritty so the birds can grip it and get a good purchase on the edges.

Of course, the location that you install the birdbath is critical because you want it to be placed where birds feel safe and comfortable so that they can let their guard down and really have fun in the bath! Make sure it is in a somewhat sheltered spot where other animals can't sneak up on them.

Once you have your fountain bird bath installed and working properly, you want to be sure that you keep it clean. Cleaning out at least once a week is imperative that you might want to clean it every day during summer. You wouldn't want the birds in dirty water and the birds will tend to avoid it. Keeping it free of mold and algae will help ensure that it is a safe environment for your feathered backyard friends.


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