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Fancy garden trellis
Decorative trellis used to seperate driveway from pool area

Hedge topiary
Frame to be used as a hedge trimming guide, arches in background

Garden trellis 03
Fountain and garden framed by steel trellis

Get pot planting right first time

Planting in pots can be a very tricky affair if you are new in gardening. Pot planting requires one to observe a few basic rules which if not done properly may lead to the potted plant not growing properly.

The first rule in pot planting is the selection of the right size of pot. This should actually depend on the growth characteristics of the plant that one wants to plant in the pots. A plant that grows big needs to be planted in a big pot because it will need the support of a heavy base as it grows, but when pot planting small plants, containers which are is smaller will do. The containers should also have enough holes at the bottom to drain excess water.

Growing media considerations are very important before pot planting. The planter should consider the media according to the growth requirements of the plant to be potted. As a rule, the media should be well drained and able to hold enough water for the plant needs.

When pot planting, preparation of the media is a critical operation and should be done right. The media should be prepared and filled into the container in such a way the it facilitates drainage and offers the plant enough support, nutrients and water without creating anaerobic conditions.

Thus when filling up the containers during pot planting, it is advisable to have a layer of coarse gravel at the bottom, followed by a layer of medium and then a layer of fine gravel to facilitate drainage. These layers will take about 30% of the container space and then another 65% is filled with the preferred potting media. About 5% of the container is left empty to help in holding water when irrigating.

Before pot planting, ensure that you water the pots thoroughly and let the water drain well. Then plan making sure that the roots are not balled up and again water well. The essence of this watering is to ensure that the roots make good contact with the media.

The actual planting in pots should be done as you would plant any plants in containers and if the above four tips are observed during pot planting, one should get a perfect success rate.


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